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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning’s Regular Press Conference on November 25, 2022

2022-11-25 18:01

CCTV: According to reports, an American industry coalition recently sent a letter to Jack Reed, Chairman of the US Senate Committee on Armed Services, and James Inhofe, Ranking Member of the committee. The letter read that the 2023 NDAA’s amendment banning government agencies from doing business with Chinese semiconductor manufacturers is not clearly defined in law or regulations, and will present huge burdens to contractors and the government. What is your comment?

Mao Ning: The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is essentially the US’s domestic legislation. That said, we firmly reject inserting negative content about China into the draft legislation. The global industrial and supply chains come into shape as a result of both the law of the market and the choices of businesses. The letter of the US business community shows that arbitrary disruption and damage to the global industrial and supply chains serves no one’s interest and to do so will receive no support. The US needs to listen to the voice calling for reason, stop politicizing, weaponizing and ideologizing economic, trade and sci-tech issues, stop blocking and hobbling Chinese companies, respect the law of the market economy and free trade rules, and defend the security and stability of global industrial and supply chains.

Al Jazeera: Can you share some information about the Chinese leader’s visit to Saudi Arabia?

Mao Ning: I have nothing to share at the moment.

Prasar Bharati: The 6th China-South Asia Expo was recently held in hybrid format in Kunming. Two days ago, one of the spokespersons mentioned about the participation by 80 countries, regions and international organizations. Can you provide more details about them and the nature of participation from India in particular? This was also clubbed with many other events, including the first China-Indian Ocean Regional Development and Cooperation Forum. Can you also provide more details about this Forum, like the outcome, the details of participants, specific agenda and about China’s focus on the Indian Ocean region?

Mao Ning: My colleague spoke in detail about the China-South Asia Expo during the press conference the other day. 

You are interested in learning about India’s participation in the event. According to what we have gathered, Subir Chakraborty, President of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry addressed the opening ceremony of the third China-South Asia Cooperation Forum virtually on the afternoon of November 19. Some Indian academics attended a breakout event on China-Indian Ocean region thinktank forum and delivered remarks. Ten Indian businesses participated in the Expo. If you need more details, I would refer you to the organizers of the Expo.

The China-Indian Ocean Region Forum on Development and Cooperation was hosted by the China International Development Cooperation Agency and they’ve put out a detailed press release and held a press briefing about the event. I would refer you to them if you are interested. 

Reuters: The British government told its departments to stop installing Chinese-linked surveillance cameras at sensitive buildings, citing security risks. What’s China’s comment?

Mao Ning: The Chinese government always encourages Chinese companies to carry out foreign trade and investment cooperation in line with local laws as well as market principles and international rules. We are firmly against some people’s moves to deliberately overstretch the concept of national security to wear down Chinese enterprises. We are keeping a close eye on how things will develop. The Chinese government will firmly defend Chinese businesses’ legitimate and lawful rights and interests. 

AFP: The Chinese Consulate in Dubai announced yesterday that the first Summit between China and Arab countries will take place in early December in Saudi Arabia. I was just wondering if you have more details about that Summit, like when exactly in December, how many countries will participate, and if the Chinese leader will travel to Saudi Arabia?

Mao Ning: I have nothing to share at the moment.

Reuters: People across Ukraine are living without power, including a lack of heating and electricity as it is getting very cold there, thanks to Russian strikes against Ukraine’s energy grid. Is China concerned about this? Will China be providing aid for Ukraine to help them with their rebuilding efforts, or will China be asking Vladimir Putin to stop targeting this kind of civilian infrastructure?

Mao Ning: China’s position on the Ukraine issue is consistent and clear. We always take seriously the humanitarian situation in Ukraine and believe that the pressing priority is to deescalate the tension through dialogue and negotiation as soon as possible. This is the fundamental way out for the Ukraine issue. We hope the international community will play a constructive role in easing the tension and finding a political settlement to the crisis, which is what China has been doing.

Reuters: The French Chamber of Commerce in China yesterday called for the Chinese government to properly implement the 20 optimization adjustment COVID measures that were announced earlier this month. What’s China’s comment?

Mao Ning: The Chinese government attaches great importance to providing foreign businesses with the service they need and facilitating their operation in China. In response to COVID-19, we have taken tailored measures to help foreign businesses overcome their difficulties. We will continue to make sure that our measures are science-based and targeted and able to minimize COVID’s impact on China’s socioeconomic development. As to the specific containment measures, the State Council inter-agency task force has held several press conferences and laid out those measures in detail. I would refer you to that if you wish to know more.

AFP: The French embassy to China said in a Weibo post that China’s dynamic zero-COVID policy has impacted French business operation in China. It expressed the hope that China can provide a predictable business environment. In fact, the embassy cited a statement of the CCI France Chine, which called on the Chinese government to “eradicate unnecessary and over-zealous restrictions”. What’s your response to the French embassy’s statement?

Mao Ning: As I just said, the Chinese government attaches great importance to providing foreign businesses with the service they need and facilitating their operation in China. We have taken tailored measures to help foreign businesses overcome their difficulties. 

As to the containment measures, I would refer you to competent authorities. The State Council inter-agency task force has recently held several press conferences, and laid out the containment measures in detail.

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