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China Envoy Hosts New Year Fest

2009-02-01 17:24

MEMBERS of the Chinese community in Qatar gathered at the residence of their Ambassador, HE Yue Xiaoyong, last night, to celebrate the Chinese New Year, which will commence next week and usher in the Year of the Ox.

The actual date of the Chinese New Year's Eve is January 25 this year, but the embassy celebrates early to allow the community to celebrate in private on the actual evening.

Families and friends came together to share in the celebration where Xiaoyong spoke on the achievements of 2008 and hopes for the coming year.

Speaking to Gulf Times, Xiaoyong said that the past year had been one of "many challenges, but huge achievements."

"We suffered from storms at the beginning of the year, and then the tragic earthquake in Sichuan province, which is still being reconstructed right now," he said, adding "but we also hosted the wonderful Beijing Olympics and completed other achievements.""Although the international community were very supportive, some raised doubts about the Games, but we proved that we could match any country in the world in terms of hosting the Olympics," he said.

He also described the achievements of China and Qatar working together, explaining that trade had increased and the Chinese population in Qatar grew by around 10% last year, to number some 6,000 people.

"Last year was the 20th anniversary of Sino-Qatari relations, and we hope that we will see more bilateral relations, high-level visits and cultural and educational exchanges taking place in the next year," he added.

Xiaoyong was keen to point out the support that the Qatari government has given the Chinese community at all times, and their continued commitment to improving relations between the two countries.

He also took the opportunity to wish all the people in Qatar "a very happy and prosperous Year of the Ox," which he described as a "very good year!"


Source: Gulf Times, by Peter Townson

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