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Ambassador Yue Xiaoyong Attended Darfur Meeting in Doha

2010-07-27 10:22
    On July 13, H.E. Ambassador Yue Xiaoyong attended the Meeting of Envoys of Permanent Members of UN Security Council and EU to Sudan in Doha.
    During the meeting, Ambassador Yue briefed about China's position and efforts in helping facilitate by joining hands with international community an earlier, comprehensive and proper settlement of the Darfur issue. He pointed out that much efforts have been made for peace talks as well as humanitarian and development assistance. Nearly 87% of UNAMID deployment was completed by May 2010 and the political process has brought about positive progress. The Sudanese Government signed peace framework agreements with Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) and Liberation and Justice Movement (LJM) in February and March respectively.  The relationship between Sudan and Chad is improved. The situation in Darfur is still fragile with local military clashes breaking out in some places and political process continues facing various real challenges.
    After emphasizing China's support for Doha peace talk and appreciation for Qatar's valuable efforts among others for peace in Darfur, Ambassador Yue said that the international community and all parties concerned should continue the trilateral mechanism consisting of the United Nations, the African Union and the Sudanese Government, promote the duo-track strategy of peace-keeping operation and political process, and especially try to bring the main opposition movements to join the peace process. The international community meanwhile should continue to encourage Sudan to improve relations with neighbor countries, provide more humanitarian and development assistance to Darfur, and accelerate an earlier comprehensive and proper settlement of the Darfur issue.
    China has always been, Ambassador Yue stressed, committed to reconstruction and development in Darfur and playing a constructive role for the peace. The Chinese government has made 2.3 million USD and 1 million USD donations to the AU mission in Sudan and UN Trust Fund respectively, provided several batches of humanitarian and development assistance. Up to now, China has provided 180 million RMB humanitarian and development assistance to Darfur, 115 million of which have been completed. The assistance projects include 55 primary schools, 120 water pumps and bailing equipments, 10 wells and medical equipments for 120 hospitals and medical centers, all of which proved to be timely help for the local people. The Chinese peace-keeping units actively have been participating in the reconstruction and development and helping to construct roads and bridges. The construction of 582 kilometers road project with the Chinese loan is already under way this year. Now China is actively fulfilling another 45 million RMB assistance, including 20 medical vehicles, lighting lamps and 30 more wells.
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