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Announcement on Strengthening COVID-19 Response for Crew Members of Vessels in International Voyages

2020-09-28 19:24

In accordance with laws and regulations including the Frontier Health and Quarantine Law, Emergency Response Law and Maritime Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China, for the purpose of protecting the health of the crew members of vessels engaged in international voyages and preventing the cross-border spread of COVID-19 through those crew members, it is hereby announced as follows:

1. This announcement shall apply to all those vessels bound for China on international voyages .

2. If the crew change takes place at the previous port or place or within 14 days before the arrival at the port in China, the joining crew members shall complete COVID-19 nucleic acid test within 3 days prior to boarding, and carry the document showing negative result of COVID-19 while boarding. The test shall be conducted in institutions designated or recognized by the overseas Chinese embassies or consulates.

3. In going through the procedures for entering the first port of entry in China, the copy of the COVID-19 negative result document of the crew members who board the ship at the previous port or place or within 14 days before their arrival at the port in China shall, as required, be submitted through the vessel, its company or shipping agency.

4. Any violation of this announcement or the provisions of relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China may hinder the vessel's arrival, departure or cargo operation in China. Under serious circumstances, administrative legal liability may be imposed according to law. If the crew members, who board the vessel at the previous port or place or within 14 days before their arrival at the port in China, carry no or falsified negative test result of COVID-19 and cause the spread of COVID-19 or pose such risks within the territory of the People's Republic of China, they may be subject to criminal liability according to law.

This announcement shall enter into force as of the date of promulgation.

Ministry of Transport

General Administration of Customs

Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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