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The Latest Notice on All Requirements for China-bound Foreign Passengers (2022 July Version)

2022-07-04 16:20

Since July 1, the Chinese Embassy in Qatar updated the requirements for pre-trip tests, as well as the requirements for the applications for the Health Declaration Form (here in after referred to as "Health Code") for all China-bound passengers who set out from Qatar.

Before boarding in the Hamad International Airport, China-bound passengers who set out from Qatar will be required to apply for a Electronic Health Declaration Form (here in after referred to as "Health Code") from the Chinese Embassy in Qatar.

To apply for the Health Code, passengers(whether vaccinated or not) need to do two times of PCR tests of Covid-19.

For detailed requirements of PCR tests, please refer to Part II.

I. Route of the Trip

Passengers are not limited by the route and the number of transfers. After passengers obtain the Health Code issued by the Chinese Embassy in Qatar and arrives at the transit place (the place where the direct flight to China takes off), passengers need to take relevant tests locally in accordance with the requirements of the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in the transit place, and apply for the Health Code from them. Passengers are advised to get to know the relevant notices of the corresponding Chinese Embassies and Consulates in transit places, and make relevant preparations as required to avoid delays in travel.

II. Application for the Health Code: Requirements of Tests and Submission Materials

Passengers need to submit the application for the Health Code 12 hours before boarding.

1.Testing Requirements

Two times of PCR tests(Nasopharyngeal swab, samebelow) in agencies designated by the Ministry of Public Health(MOPH) in Qatar: one PCR test within 48 hours before boarding, another PCR test within 24 hours before boarding. All results must be negative.

In the two times of PCR tests, one could be done at Sidra Hospital, and the other can be performed at any other PCR agencies designated by the MOPH.

For the name-list of PCR agencies designated by the MOPH, please refer to: https://covid19.moph.gov.qa/EN/covid19-testing/Pages/Accredited-Health-Facilities.aspx

Please make appointments for your PCR tests and make sure when you could get the reports in advance.

2.Submit Materials

(1) Two Negative PCR test results within 48&24 hours before boarding(the report from HMC Lab and Sidra Hospital).

(2) Itineraries for the whole trip.

(3) Passport information page.

(4) Other materials required by the Embassy.

III. Extra Requirments for Special Passengers

1. Passengers with History of Covid-19 Infection

Besides the two PCR tests before boarding, passengers with history of covid-19 infection must take another two PCR tests (at least 24 hours apart) to confirm recovery at least 14 days before boarding. After obtaining negative reports to confirm recovery, they need to undergo 14-day health monitoring and fill the Health Monitoring Form (Annex 1) . If there is no abnormality during this period, they could do pre-trip tests and apply for the Health Code according to the requirements of general travelers.

2. Passengers Who Have Contacts with Covid-19 Confirmed Cases or Asymptomatic Infected Persons

Covid-19 close contacts refer to those who have unprotected contacts with confirmed Covid-19 patients or asymptomatic coronavirus carriers.

Covid-19 close contacts (even if you are vaccinated), or asymptomatic infected persons are requested to undergo 5-day health monitoring and fill the Health Monitoring Form (Annex 1) . If there is no abnormality during this period, they could do pre-trip tests and apply for the Health Code according to the requirements of general travelers.

3. Extra Documents that Need to be Uploaded

Besides the documents of general passengers, special passengers need to submit the two extra negative PCR reports that are used to confirm recovery (for those with history of infection) and the Health Monitoring Form (for those with a previous history of infection-14days, for those who have contacts with covid-19 confirmed cases or asymptomatic infected persons-5 days)

IV. OtherTips

1. Link of the Health Code Application: https://hrhk.cs.mfa.gov.cn/H5/

2. Passengers to China are advised to read the requirements carefully and follow them accordingly to avoid denied boarding or change of itinerary due to the failure in providing negative tests results and obtain a certified Health Code.

Annex 1:Health Monitoring Form

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